About Classic Art School

Oksana Korchak is a modern impressionistic artist who works mainly with a acrylic and oils. She developed her own metodic unique technique and style in education which is unmistakable and cannot be confused with other artists and educational programs.

Life is a gift of God and every moment is unique. Art helps draw nearer to God.

Oksana Ismaylova, born in 1979 Ukraine.The love of art was instilled by her mother and grandfather as artists, from childhood,they played a huge role in her further education. An interesting journey from children’s art school to graduating from evening teen art school. Later on graduated from university of arts and teaching activity. Taught in schools as a drawing teacher and opened herself as an artist. Then worked on ordered art pieces and participated in art galleries with variety painting styles. In 2009 she opened her own studio for children and adults with a focus on sharing realistic, multicultural, and variety styled art skills.In 2019 got certified as an art therapist that made her see art as something healing and gave the desire to share art even more. Most importantly to present art as something that brings us together as people and how it develops the desire for a beautiful inner world.

What art therapy means to me:
I believe art therapy allows you to explore your feelings, memories and desires through art. My practice shows that art therapy deals with a fairly wide range of problems. It helps to cope with addictions, cope with a loss or overcome different types of mental disorders. I prefer to view the process of creating a work of art as one of the ways to communicate with people. Especially with those who find it difficult to articulate how they feel. Art can be a great outlet for women who are accustomed to silently swallowing resentment, or, for example, for difficult teenagers trying to cope with anger.


I really like the teachers friendliness and positive attitude to the students, helpful way to do painting.
Natasha Kotenova
Arriving to meet Oksana with a friendly face was great. For someone like I who only draws with pencils and hasn’t painted sense age 11. Thinking that painting is hard and never will manage to do it, Oksana made it possible. Hand of a perfectionist. I came in not understanding the paints and it’s touch. After having only one class with Okasna, I managed to hold my brushes without fear of messing up and able to create a beautiful peace on my own. Oksana is an amazing artist and wonderful teacher. I recommend her to everyone. Kids and adults, any ages. She will teach you quick. Not only will you know how to paint, you will also love it. I will continue going to Oksana for further and future lessons.
Anastasia Keppinger
I had a few lessons with Oksana. She is an exceptional teacher! I learned so much in those few hours of every lesson. Also her enthusiasm is contagious! I feel that I even see the world a little differently after those lessons. Highly recommend!
Happy Student